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The Complete Guide to SP-1055 (phenolic resin) in 2024

What is SP-1055 and its Applications?


SP-1055 is a type of phenolic resin known for its rapid sulfurization and excellent scorch safety. This powerful compound, due to its versatility, has found applications in various industries, particularly in the production of rubber products and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

AppearanceOrange-yellow to red-brown block
Bromine Content (%) 3.8-4.2
Methylol Content (%)9.5-13.0
Softening Point(Ball and ring) (℃)85-95
PACKAGING:Paper bag with PP-Inlay :25kg/bag Avoid store with strong oxide, damageable articles and in humidity. Storage is for 18months. If over it, make sure it passes your determination before use.

Understanding SP-1055 Resin

SP-1055 resin is characterized by its easy dispersion and smooth operation, making it an efficient choice in production processes. It also doesn’t require added activators, simplifying its application further. Its unique properties make it a dependable option for many manufacturers.


Applications of SP-1055 in the Rubber Industry

In the rubber industry, SP-1055 is highly valued for its excellent scorch safety in IIR compounds. It’s frequently used in the production of bladders and other rubber products. The resin enhances the durability and longevity of these products, making it a preferred choice.


SP-1055 in Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

SP-1055 is also used in the formulation of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Its smooth operation and easy dispersion properties ensure a consistent and reliable adhesive product. The resin’s unique characteristics enhance the adhesive’s performance, providing a secure bond.


SP-1055 as a Curing Resin

As a curing resin, SP-1055 is known for its rapid sulfurization. This property makes it a highly effective option in curing processes, enhancing the final product’s quality and durability.


SP-1055 in High-Temperature Stability

One of the standout features of SP-1055 is its high-temperature stability. This property makes it suitable for applications that demand resilience in high-heat conditions. From industrial applications to specific product manufacturing, SP-1055’s high-temperature stability has proven invaluable.

SP-1055 in High-Temperature Stability
SP-1055 in High-Temperature Stability

How to Request and Source SP-1055?


The process of sourcing SP-1055 involves a series of steps from requesting a sample or product description, getting a quote, to choosing the right supplier. This guide provides a systematic approach to each stage of this process, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how to source SP-1055 effectively.


Requesting a Sample or Product Description

Before finalizing the procurement of SP-1055, it is advisable to request a sample or detailed product description. This helps ascertain the product’s properties and suitability for your specific application. Ensure that the supplier provides complete information about the resin, including its chemical composition, physical properties, and safety guidelines.


Getting a Quote from the Supplier

Once you have verified the product’s suitability, the next step is to request a quote from the supplier. The quote should include the price per unit, minimum order quantity, delivery timelines, and terms of payment. It is also beneficial to ask for any additional costs like shipping or handling charges.


Document Request for SP-1055

Documentation is an integral part of the sourcing process. It is imperative to request documents like Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), product specifications, and quality certifications. These documents provide crucial information about the product and its handling, ensuring you comply with safety standards and regulations.


Choosing the Right Supplier for SP-1055

Selection of the right supplier is a critical step in sourcing SP-1055. Consider factors like the supplier’s reputation, their product range, adherence to quality standards, and customer service. The supplier should be able to meet your requirements in terms of product quality, quantity, and delivery timelines.


Message to the Supplier for SP-1055 Inquiry

When reaching out to the supplier for an inquiry, ensure your message is clear and concise. Include details about the required quantity, desired delivery date, and any specific product specifications. This will allow the supplier to provide an accurate quote and confirm their ability to fulfill your order.


Understanding the Brominated Phenolic Resin


Brominated phenolic resin is a specialized form of phenolic resin, characterized by the introduction of bromine into its molecular structure. This modification endows it with unique properties, making it applicable in a variety of industrial contexts. This article delves into the technical aspects of brominated phenolic resin, exploring its curing process, heat-reactive property, scorch safety, and stability. It also provides an overview of equivalent agents in brominated resins.


Curing Process of Brominated Phenolic Resin

The curing process of brominated phenolic resin involves a chemical reaction under specific conditions, typically heat or pressure. The bromine in the resin acts as a catalyst, accelerating the curing process and resulting in a hardened, durable product. This rapid curing is one of the primary reasons for the wide utilization of brominated phenolic resins in various applications.


Heat-Reactive Property of Brominated Phenolic Resin

One distinctive characteristic of brominated phenolic resin is its heat-reactive properties. When exposed to elevated temperatures, the resin undergoes a chemical transformation, increasing its hardness and resistance to wear. This makes it particularly useful in applications where high-temperature resistance is required.

Heat-Reactive Property of Brominated Phenolic Resin
Heat-Reactive Property of Brominated Phenolic Resin

Scorch Safety in Brominated Phenolic Resin

Scorch safety is a critical attribute of brominated phenolic resin. This refers to the resin’s resistance to premature vulcanization – a process that can compromise the quality of the final product. Thanks to the presence of bromine, this resin exhibits superior scorch safety, ensuring a consistent, high-quality output.


Insight into the Stability of Brominated Phenolic Resin

The stability of brominated phenolic resin is another crucial aspect of its performance. Despite its reactivity, the resin maintains excellent stability under a range of conditions, contributing to its durability and longevity. This stability, combined with its other properties, makes brominated phenolic resin a reliable choice in various industries.


Equivalent Agents in Brominated Resins

There are several equivalent agents available that can mimic the properties of brominated phenolic resins. These alternatives can be used when certain conditions or applications discourage the use of brominated phenolic resins. However, it’s essential to note that while these agents can replicate some properties, they may not offer the exact performance characteristics of brominated phenolic resin.


Technical Properties and Uses of SP-1055


SP-1055, a phenolic resin, is recognized in various industries for its unique dynamic properties. Its application ranges from polymer and rubber processing to high-pressure conditions, attributed to its heat-reactive attributes and the presence of reactive additives. This article provides an in-depth look into the technical properties of SP-1055 and its multitude of uses.


Dynamic Properties of SP-1055

SP-1055 exhibits a range of dynamic properties that make it suitable for diverse applications. Its rapid sulfurization and excellent scorch safety are among its key characteristics. Moreover, the resin is easily dispersed and operates smoothly, eliminating the need for additional activators and simplifying its application in production processes.


Application of SP-1055 in Polymer and Rubber Processing

In the field of polymer and rubber processing, SP-1055 is used extensively due to its efficient curing capability and heat-reactive features. It enhances the durability and longevity of these products, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers. Some of the standard applications include tire bladders, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and high-temperature-resistant materials.


Heat Exposure and Repeated Use of SP-1055 in Materials

SP-1055 stands out for its ability to withstand heat exposure and repeated use. Its unique heat-reactive property allows it to undergo a chemical transformation when exposed to elevated temperatures, increasing its hardness and resistance to wear. This makes it particularly useful in applications where materials are subjected to high temperatures or repeated use.


Reactive Additives in SP-1055 Resin

SP-1055 resin contains reactive additives that contribute to its overall performance. These additives enhance the resin’s reactivity with other materials, making it a versatile component in various manufacturing processes. They also improve the resin’s stability under diverse conditions, further extending its range of applications.


Use of SP-1055 in High-Pressure Conditions

Another significant feature of SP-1055 is its performance under high-pressure conditions. The resin maintains excellent stability and reactivity, even in demanding environments. This makes it a reliable choice for applications that require high-pressure resistance, such as in the production of industrial equipment and high-performance materials.


Choosing and Storing SP-1055


The process of selecting and storing SP-1055, a brominated phenolic resin, requires careful consideration. The quality, compatibility with other materials, storage conditions, supplier choice, and handling procedures all play a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy of this resin in various applications. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on these aspects, offering valuable insights for those dealing with SP-1055.


Requirements and Faith in the Quality of SP-1055

When sourcing SP-1055, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of its quality parameters. These may include the resin’s purity, consistency, physical and chemical properties, and adherence to industry standards. Trusting in the quality of SP-1055 is paramount to its effective utilization in various applications, from rubber processing to high-pressure conditions.


Butyl and EPDM in Combination with SP-1055

SP-1055 is often used in conjunction with other materials like butyl and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) due to its excellent compatibility. When combined, these materials can deliver enhanced performance characteristics, such as improved durability, heat resistance, and flexibility. Understanding the interaction of SP-1055 with these materials can help optimize their combined use.


High-Temperature Storage of SP-1055

Storing SP-1055 at high temperatures requires specific precautions. It’s important to ensure that the storage environment does not exceed the resin’s heat tolerance limit to prevent any degradation in its quality. Proper ventilation, temperature control, and containment measures should be in place to maintain the integrity of SP-1055 during storage.


Offer and Choosing Suppliers for SP-1055

Selecting the right supplier for SP-1055 is a critical step in sourcing this resin. The supplier should be able to meet your specific requirements in terms of product quality, quantity, and delivery timelines. It’s also beneficial to consider the supplier’s reputation, customer service, and adherence to industry standards when making your choice.


Sensitive Handling of SP-1055 in Polymer Production

SP-1055 requires sensitive handling during polymer production to maintain its properties and ensure safety. This includes proper storage, careful transportation, and precise incorporation into the production process. Understanding these handling requirements can help prevent any mishaps and ensure the effective use of SP-1055 in polymer production.




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