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Tinuvin 328

Sourcing Tinuvin 328 & UV 328 from China - Professional Quality Assured!

As a trusted and professional supplier, we ensure top-notch quality and seamless delivery of these essential chemicals for your business needs. Our extensive network and technical expertise guarantee that you receive the finest products at competitive prices. Please don’t settle for less when it comes to your sourcing requirements. Contact Wellt today and experience the difference in quality and service.

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    Introducing Tinuvin 328 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellsorb UV 328

  • Tinuvin 328 is a UV absorber produced by Wellt to protect products and surfaces from harmful UV rays.
  • Also known as 2-(2’-Hydroxy-3’,5’-Di-tert-Amylphenyl) Benzotriazole, it has a white or yellowish powder appearance and is easy to incorporate into formulations.
  • It provides excellent stability and long-lasting UV protection, suitable for industrial coatings and automotive applications.
  • Wellt offers Tinuvin 328 in 20kg cartons, providing an ample supply for clients’ UV protection needs.
  • Customers are encouraged to contact Wellt to learn more about how this product safeguards items from the damaging effects of UV light.
Tinuvin 328
Tinuvin 328
Wellsorb UV 328 Structure
Wellsorb UV 328 Structure
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    UV 328 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox UV 328

CAS NO.: 25973-55-1

CHEMICAL NAME: 2-(2’-Hydroxy-3’,5’-Di-tert-Amylphenyl) Benzotriazole

Tinuvin 328 & UV 328 Specifications

Appearance :White or yellowish powder
Purity (%)99 min.
Light transmittance (%)460 nm:97min.
(10g/100ml toluene)
500 nm:98 min.
Volatile£¨%£©0.5 max.
Melting point(¡æ)80-88

Tinuvin 328 & UV 328 For Sale

Get Tinuvin 328 and UV 328, superior UV absorbers now available for purchase. Improve the durability and lifespan of your products with these dependable additives. Don't miss this chance to enhance your business's offerings with these industry-leading UV protection solutions.

Why Wellt's UV 328?
Why Wellt's UV 328?
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    Why Wellt's UV 328?

  1. Wellt’s UV 328 offers superior UV absorption, enhancing polymer durability.
  2. It has broad compatibility, making it versatile across various applications.
  3. Its high thermal stability ensures long-lasting protection under extreme conditions.
  4. Wellt’s UV 328 is cost-effective, ensuring quality without compromising on budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about UV 328

Q: What is Tinuvin® 328?

Tinuvin® 328 is a light stabilizer crafted by BASF, mainly advised for stabilizing polymers of various molecular weights, such as acrylic polymers, polyurethane, and polyvinyl butyral.

Q: How does Tinuvin® 328 work?

Tinuvin® 328 functions as a UV absorber, safeguarding polymers from UV-induced degradation, thereby enhancing the material’s durability and lifespan.

Q: What is the everyday use of Tinuvin® 328?

Tinuvin® 328 is typically incorporated into the polymer matrix during production, offering long-lasting UV resistance.

Q: Why is Tinuvin® 328 preferred in polymer applications?

Tinuvin® 328 is favored due to its prolonged UV protection capabilities that do not compromise the polymer’s aesthetics or characteristics.

Q: What advantages does Tinuvin® 328 offer in polymer stabilization?

Tinuvin® 328 helps preserve the original visual and mechanical attributes of the polymer, assuring its optimum performance in high UV exposure environments.

Q: Can Tinuvin® 328 be combined with other stabilizers?

Absolutely, Tinuvin® 328 can be paired with other stabilizers to provide thorough protection against UV degradation and meet particular formula requirements.

Q: Is Tinuvin® 328 suitable for food contact applications?

Tinuvin® 328 is not suggested for direct food contact applications as it’s intended for polymer stabilization in commercial and industrial settings.

Q: Does Tinuvin® 328 need special handling or storage?

We recommend storing Tinuvin® 328 in an excellent, dry location, away from sunlight, and following BASF’s handling guidelines to maintain product integrity.

Q: Is Tinuvin® 328 apt for outdoor applications?

Yes, Tinuvin® 328 is ideal for outdoor applications where UV exposure is likely, as it enhances the polymer material’s durability and lifespan.

Q: Where can additional technical information on Tinuvin® 328 be found?

For more technical details, such as recommended usage levels and compatibility with various polymer systems, contact Wellt.

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