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Aflux 42

Discover the Best Aflux 42 and Struktol WB 42 Manufacturers from China

Wellt is a leading manufacturer in China, specializing in high-quality Aflux 42 and Struktol WB 42 products. With our technical expertise and professional service, we deliver top-of-the-line solutions for the automotive, construction, and rubber industries. Contact us today to discover how our precision-made products can elevate your business.

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    Introducing Aflux 42 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt 420

  • Aflux 42 introduces an additive from Wellt for elastomer applications
  • It boasts a powerful formula that delivers exceptional lubrication and enhances flow and mold release
  • Designed for highly filled EPDM compounds, it has shown outstanding performance without compromising physical properties
  • Its unique saturated structure makes it suitable for peroxide vulcanization processes
  • Aflux 42 is expected to elevate elastomer processing capabilities and achieve superior results
Introducing Aflux 42 from Wellt
Aflux 42 Technical Data
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    Aflux 42 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt 420


Ultra lube 420; Struktol WB42; Aflux 42;Deoflow A

Aflux 42 & struktol WB 42 Specifications

Appearance:Off-white to Yellowish Granule
Specific Gravity(g/cm3)0.9-1.1
Melting point(℃) 85.0-95.0
Physiological behaviour Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage StabilityAt least 2 years under normal conditions
EPDM 2 phr max.
NR/SBR 3 phr max.
Other 3 phr max.
25 kg polyethylene bag

Aflux 42 & struktol WB 42 For Sale

Discover Aflux 42 and Struktol WB 42, top-quality products for sale. Enhance your operations with reliable and efficient options. Contact us now to secure your order!

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Why Wellt's Aflux 42
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    Why Wellt's Aflux 42

    Our product brand: Wellt 420

• It has lubricating effects and promotes flow and mold release.
• It is suitable for peroxide vulcanization and has no detrimental effects on physicals.
• Aflux 42 works as a processing promoter for Natural and Synthetic rubber compounds.
• Its usage includes various rubber types such as NR, SBR, NBR, CR, and EPDM.
• It acts as an effective dispersing agent for fillers and rubber chemicals.
• Aflux 42 enhances plasticity and ensures a uniform distribution of ingredients.
• It is highly valued in the rubber processing industry worldwide.

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Struktol WB 42 is a vital processing additive in the polymer industry that enhances processability and performance of elastomers. It is formulated with a unique blend of fatty acid derivatives, making it suitable for various applications. This document provides an in-depth look into the composition, properties, practical uses, and benefits of Struktol WB 42 in the polymer industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Aflux 42

Q: What is Struktol® WB 42 and what are its features?

A: Struktol® WB 42 is a processing aid specifically designed for applications in the rubber and plastic industries. It provides internal as well as external lubrication in a wide range of elastomers, ensuring excellent dispersion and has a beneficial influence on batch-to-batch consistency. This product offers superior stability and performance in extruded compounds. It is a versatile product compatible with a variety of filler systems and enhances the overall processing characteristics.

Q: How does Struktol® WB 42 affect peroxide cure in the processing of elastomers?

A: Struktol® WB 42 has been designed such that it doesn’t affect peroxide cure adversely during processing. It improves filler dispersion and its lubricating properties ensures smooth processing without hindering the peroxide cure mechanism, which is crucial in elastomers manufacturing. This leads to a beneficial influence on batch-to-batch consistency.

Q: Does Struktol® WB 42 improve the qualities of extruded compounds?

A: Yes, Struktol® WB 42 improves filler dispersion in the compounds, which in turn, provides excellent surface quality of the extruded compounds. Its lubricant properties ensure easy processability in extrusion applications, providing beneficial influence on product consistency.

Q: Can Struktol® WB 42 be used in injection molding processes?

A: Yes, Struktol® WB 42 can also be used in injection molding processes. It functions as an effective processing aid enhancing mold release, reducing cycle time, and improving part appearance, contributing towards more efficient production. Its lubricating effects provide additional benefits in terms of processability and product quality.

Q: How to store Struktol® WB 42, and what is its shelf-life?

A: Struktol® WB 42 should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and sunlight exposure. The packaging contains all necessary storage instructions. Its shelf life is typically 2 years from the date of manufacturing under recommended storage conditions.

Q: Can Struktol® WB 42 be imported, and what are the considerations for import shipment?

A: Yes, Struktol® WB 42 can be imported. It’s important to ensure all export and import regulations of the involved countries are adhered to. Also, the product should be properly packaged for transportation to maintain its quality. Consult your local customs authority for specific importation procedures and regulations in your country.

Q: Are there any specific considerations while using Struktol® WB 42 in the presence of a peroxide activator?

A: Struktol® WB 42 is designed to be compatible with various peroxide systems. It doesn’t negatively affect peroxide cure, a vital process in elastomer processing. Thus, it can be used with peroxide activators maintaining its beneficial effects.

Q: Is there any liability associated with the use of Struktol® WB 42?

A: Users of Struktol® WB 42 should adhere to all safety guidelines provided by the supplier, including necessary personal protective equipment during handling and use. The product should be used as directed, and in the case of misuse, the supplier typically would not be liable for any damages caused. For more information, refer to the product description or contact the supplier directly.

Q: Is there any temperature limitation for the effective use of Irgafos 168 in polymer applications?

A: Irgafos 168 is effective in a wide temperature range, and its performance is not limited to specific temperature conditions. It remains stable and provides protection to the polymer even at elevated temperatures up to °C.

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