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Get Quality Sourcing of Phenolic Resin from China

Are you in need of high-quality Phenolic Resin for your manufacturing processes? Look no further than Wellt, your trusted sourcing partner. We specialize in procuring the finest materials from reliable sources around the world. Our team has expertise in sourcing SP-1068, a top-notch Phenolic Resin variant, directly from trusted suppliers in China. With our extensive network and knowledge in the industry, we ensure that you receive the best product at the most competitive prices.

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    Introducing SP-1068 from Wellt

    Our product brand: SL-1801

  • Wellt SP-1068 is a top-quality, dependable thermoplastic resin.
  • It contains a mix of octylphenol and formaldehyde to enhance tack in various natural and synthetic elastomers.
  • Suitable for use with SBR, BR, IIR, or IR materials.
  • Carefully package it in paper bags with PP-Inlay for safe transportation.
  • Large orders can be placed on pallets of 1000kg.
  • To maintain the resin’s quality, avoid storing it in areas with solid oxide or damageable articles and high humidity environments.
  • A shelf life of 3 years ensures fresh and compelling resin at all times.
  • It is recommended to conduct a determination test before using expired batches.
  • Trust Wellt for all your thermoplastic resin needs.
SP-1068 Technical Data
SP-1068 Technical Data
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    SP-1068 Technical Data

    Our product brand: SL-1801

Product Description:

SP-1068, a thermoplastic resin derived from octylphenol and formaldehyde, is typically employed to enhance tack in natural rubber and synthetic elastomers like SBR, BR, IIR, and IR.

SP-1068 Specifications

AppearanceWhite to Yellowish Granule
Soften point, Ball & Ring ¡æ85-105
Acid Value, max.25-50
Paper bag with PP-Inlay :25kg/bag, 1000kg/pallet
Avoid store with strong oxide, damageable articles and in humidity.
Storage is for 3 year. If over it, make sure it passes your determination before use.

SP-1068 For Sale

Secure SP-1068, a distinctive type of Phenolic Resin, now available for purchase. This resin, synthesized from phenol and formaldehyde, is renowned for its high heat resistance and mechanical strength. Frequently utilized in the adhesive and rubber industries, it's beneficial for augmenting tack in natural and synthetic rubbers. Don't let this chance to enhance your product quality and durability pass you by.

Why Wellt's SP-1068?
Why Wellt's SP-1068?
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    Why Wellt's SP-1068?

  1. SP-1068 offers high heat resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring durability under extreme conditions.
  2. Its mechanical strength ensures enhanced structural integrity in products, improving their overall quality.
  3. SP-1068’s versatility allows its use in both the adhesive and rubber industries, increasing its applicability.
  4. This resin enhances tack in natural & synthetic rubbers, contributing to better performance of final products.

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide to SP-1068, a specific type of phenolic resin, for 2024. This guide provides an in-depth exploration of SP-1068, outlining its unique properties, classifications, and applications. It delves into its heat resistance, mechanical strength, and its critical role in industries such as adhesives and rubber. Without injecting personal opinions, we offer essential insights and recommendations on its optimal use. Stay tuned for a detailed, technical, and informative journey into the world of SP-1068.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about SP-1068.

Q: What is SP-1068 (phenolic resin)?

SP-1068 is a thermoplastic alkylphenol resin with a moderate softening point. Its primary application is as a rubber tackifier in a variety of rubber compounds and it is delivered in pastille or flake form by Pioneer Rubber Chemical Co.

Q: How is SP-1068 employed in rubber applications?

The use of SP-1068 enhances tack in natural and synthetic elastomers, including SBR, BR, IIR, and IR rubber. It plays a vital role in the manufacture of tires and technical rubber goods.

Q: What characteristics does SP-1068 exhibit?

As a thermoplastic resin available in flake form, SP-1068 has a low residual monomer content and is renowned for its excellent tackifying properties in several rubber compounds.

Q: How can I access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for SP-1068?

For the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) of SP-1068, please reach out to Pioneer Rubber Chemical Co.

Q: Can I request an SP-1068 sample for testing?

Pioneer Rubber Chemical Co. welcomes requests for SP-1068 samples for testing purposes and provides necessary assistance for obtaining such samples.

Q: What other applications does SP-1068 have aside from rubber compounds?

In addition to its role as a tackifier in rubber applications, SP-1068 also functions as an adhesive and is used in the manufacture of various synthetic rubber products.

Q: How can I contact Wellt Rubber Chemical Co. for inquiries or assistance?

For inquiries or assistance related to SP-1068 and its applications, please communicate with Wellt Rubber Chemical Co. via their customer service channels.

Q: Is SP-1068 a versatile product usable under various conditions?

Yes, SP-1068 is a versatile thermoplastic resin that can work as a tackifier across an extensive range of conditions and rubber compounds, owing to its specific properties.

Q: Does SP-1068 adhere to stringent environmental and safety standards?

SP-1068 is produced with considerable attention to environmental and safety standards. It meets rigorous regulatory requirements to ensure safe and dependable use as a tackifier and rubber additive.

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