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Accelerator Mbt

Discover the Best Accelerator Mbt and Perkacit Mbt Manufacturers from China

Wellt is a trusted manufacturer from China, specializing in high-quality accelerator MBT and Perkacit MBT products. Our top-notch accelerators enhance the performance and efficiency of rubber compounds, making us the preferred choice for manufacturers worldwide. Contact us now to elevate your production to new heights with our exceptional products.

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    Introducing Accelerator Mbt from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt MBT

• Introducing the newest addition to Wellt’s product line: Accelerator Mbt
• Highly efficient accelerator for use in dry rubber and latex applications
• Fast-acting solution without worries of staining
• Offers low temperature curing capabilities with TMTD/TETD or DPG secondary accelerators
• Enhances aging characteristics in vulcanizates
• Essential tool for achieving long-lasting and durable results
• Trust Wellt Accelerator Mbt for precise and reliable acceleration of rubber and latex processes.

Accelerator Mbt
Accelerator Mbt
Accelerator Mbt Technical Data
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    Accelerator Mbt Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt MBT

CAS NO.: 149-30-4

CHEMICAL NAME: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole

Accelerator Mbt & Perkacit Mbt Specifications

Product Form:PdrPdr-oGrs
Appearance:Light-yellowish PowderLight-yellowish PowderLight-yellowish Granular
Melting Point Initial(℃) min.171171171
Heating Loss(%) max.
Ash (%) max.
Oil Content (%)--1.0-2.0--
Residue on 150μm sieve(%) max.0.10.1
Density at 20℃Kg/m31420--1520
PACKAGING:25kg(net) paper bag with PE-inlay
or other kind of package clients need

Accelerator Mbt & Perkacit Mbt For Sale

Boost application performance with our high-quality Accelerator Mbt and Perkacit Mbt products. Enhance efficiency, and achieve outstanding results. Place your order now and experience the difference!

Why Wellt's Accelerator Mbt
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    Why Wellt's Accelerator Mbt

    Our product brand: Wellt MBT

• Versatile accelerator used in natural and synthetic rubbers
• Provides fast, moderately flat cures for efficient production processes
• Remains active at high temperatures, suitable for heat-related applications
• Excellent as a primary accelerator in slower curing polymers like EPDM and Butyl
• Activated by aldehyde amines, dithiocarbamates, alkaline, and basic compounds
• Packaged in 25kg plastic woven bags for easy transportation and storage availability.

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Perkacit MBT, also known as Mercaptobenzothiazole, is a versatile chemical accelerator used in the rubber industry. It enhances the vulcanization process, improving the physical properties of rubber. This guide explores its chemical properties, applications, and safety measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Accelerator Mbt

Q: Can anyone use Perkacit Mbt?

A: Perkacit Mbt is a chemical product which should only be used by persons trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals. This is because it can be irritating to the mucous membrane and upper respiratory system if not handled properly.

Q: What precautions should be taken while handling Perkacit Mbt?

A: Safety measures should be observed while dealing with Perkacit Mbt. The hands need to be washed thoroughly after handling the product. In the case that the product comes into contact with the skin or eyes, it should be rinsed off with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Immediate medical attention should be taken, especially when it comes to irritating mucous membranes and the upper respiratory system.

Q: Is Perkacit Mbt harmful if ingested?

A: Yes, Perkacit Mbt is harmful and should not be taken internally. In case of accidental ingestion, one must seek immediate medical attention.

Q: What protective gear should be worn when handling Perkacit Mbt?

A: Persons trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, including Perkacit Mbt, should consider wearing protective gloves and eye protection to prevent skin and eye irritation, as well as respiratory protection of type ABEK (EN14387) if permitted exposure limit related to a single exposure to the component is exceeded.

Q: What measures should be taken if exposure to Perkacit Mbt occurs?

A: If exposed, one should ensure immediate and thorough washing of the skin or eyes. In case of ingestion, medical help should be sought immediately. For discomfort in the mucous membrane and upper respiratory system, fresh air and rest should follow, possibly alongside medical attention.

Q: What is the risk categorization of Perkacit Mbt according to EU scientific databases?

A: According to the EU scientific database, Perkacit Mbt falls under risk category 3 which signifies that it may cause physical or health hazards.

Q: How should Perkacit Mbt be handled post-use?

A: After using Perkacit Mbt, it is vital to wash hands and face thoroughly. If clothing gets contaminated, it should be removed and washed before reuse. Always ensure to clean up any spills immediately to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Q: What will be the role of Perkacit Mbt in 2024?

A: As we look forward to 2024, Perkacit Mbt will continue to be an important component in many industries. However, the handling of this chemical will still require safety measures due to its potential health hazards.

Q: Can Perkacit Mbt cause an allergic reaction?

A: While some people may have an allergic reaction to this product, it’s not common. However, if one experiences shortness of breath, chest discomfort, or initial flushing after single exposure, they should seek medical help immediately.

Q: Is Perkacit Mbt approved for use in the US?

A: Yes, Perkacit Mbt is approved for use in the US. However, its use is only advised for persons trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals due to its potential health risks.

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