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Sourcing Benzophenone-3 & UV-9 from China - Quality and Expertise You Can Trust!

At Wellt, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry. Our expertise and extensive network allow us to provide you with superior Benzophenone-3 and UV-9 derived from China. Trust us to deliver the products you need to meet your formulation requirements.

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    Introducing Benzophenone-3 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellsorb UV-9

  • It selectively absorbs UV rays from 270-340 nm without affecting visible light, making it ideal for light-colored transparent products.
  • It has excellent stability to both light and heat, withstanding temperatures up to 200°C without decomposing.
  • It is widely applicable in various industries like paint and plastic production.
  • It has shown exceptional effectiveness in PVC, PS, PU, and acrylic resin, as well as being suitable for cosmetic formulations.
  • It is conveniently packaged in 25kg net cardboard drums, ensuring easy handling and storage.
  • Adding it protects products from harmful radiation while maintaining clarity and color integrity.
Benzophenone-3 & UV-9
Benzophenone-3 & UV-9
Benzophenone-3 Structure
Benzophenone-3 Structure
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    UV-9 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox UV 9

CAS NO.: 131-57-7

CHEMICAL NAME: 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone

Benzophenone-3 & UV-9 Specifications

Appearance:Yellowish powder
Melting point (¡æ):62-65
Loss on drying (%):0.5 max
Ash (%):0.1 max
Purity (%):99 min
Specific Extinction:285nm630 min
325nm400 min

Benzophenone-3 & UV-9 For Sale

Secure Benzophenone-3 and UV-9, high-grade UV filters available for purchase. Improve the sun protection factor of your products with these dependable compounds. Benefit from their broad-spectrum coverage and stability. An unmissable opportunity to enhance your product quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Wellt's UV 9?
Why Wellt's UV 9?
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    Why Wellt's UV 9?

1. “UV-9, also known as HMB, offers superior sun protection, effectively absorbing harmful UV rays.”
2. “Wellt’s UV-9 is renowned for its high stability, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness in your products.”
3. “This ingredient is compatible with a wide range of formulations, enhancing versatility in product development.”
4. “Wellt’s UV-9 adheres to global safety standards, providing a secure choice for your sun care solutions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Benzophenone-3 (BP-3)

Q: What is Benzophenone-3 (BP-3)?

Benzophenone-3, commonly referred to as oxybenzone, is a prevalent chemical UV filter found in sunscreens, providing skin protection from damaging UV rays.

Q: What are the uses of Benzophenone-3?

Primarily, Benzophenone-3 is incorporated as a sunscreen agent in various sunscreen formulations and is present in different personal care products.

Q: What are the benefits of using products containing Benzophenone-3?

Products containing Benzophenone-3 are chiefly beneficial for their UV radiation protection, which reduces sunburn risk and mitigates skin damage.

Q: Is there a risk of being exposed to Benzophenone-3?

Exposure to Benzophenone-3 may occur through skin absorption when using sunscreens or other products that contain it.

Q: Are there any known health effects associated with Benzophenone-3 exposure?

Research links urinary BP-3 levels with adverse health effects such as free radical damage and potential hormone disruption.

Q: How can one reduce exposure to Benzophenone-3?

Reducing Benzophenone-3 exposure involves using alternative UV filter products, protective clothing, or seeking shade when UV rays are present.

Q: What levels of Benzophenone-3 are found in biomonitoring data?

Biomonitoring data shows detectable Benzophenone-3 levels in urine, indicating widespread exposure among the population.

Q: What are the potential effects of Benzophenone-3 on the body?

Studies suggest Benzophenone-3 could potentially cause hormone disruption, free radical production, and skin penetration, highlighting concerns about its health impact.

Q: Can Benzophenone-3 be found in other consumer products aside from sunscreen?

Yes, Benzophenone-3 is also found in a variety of consumer products due to its capacity to absorb and dissipate UV radiation.

Q: What is the significance of urinary BP-3 levels and their association with health effects?

Urinary BP-3 levels serve as an indicator of exposure and potential health risks, guiding further research and regulatory considerations.

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