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Surfynol 104

High-Quality Surfynol 104 Sourced from China

At Wellt, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch chemicals to meet your industrial needs. We are pleased to offer Surfynol 104, a highly effective surfactant, sourced directly from China. Known for its excellent wetting and defoaming properties, Surfynol 104 is the preferred choice for various industries, including coatings and paints. Trust in our professional expertise and place your order today to experience the superior performance of Surfynol 104.

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    Introducing Surfynol 104 From Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt 541

  • Introduces Surfynol 104, a new chemical surfactant from Wellt with the technical name 2,4,7,9-Tetramethyldec-5-yne-4,7-diol.
  • Features a unique Gemini structure that offers a combination of surface tension reduction, foam control and viscosity stabilization, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Has a hydrophobic nature that distinguishes it from conventional surfactants, boasting significantly reduced water sensitivity.
  • It comes in 20kg and 180kg drums with a 48-month shelf life, providing long-lasting performance and value.
Surfynol 104
Surfynol 104
Surfynol 104 Structure
Surfynol 104 Structure
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    Surfynol 104 & Surfynol 104E Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt 541

CAS.NO.: 126-86-3

Chemical Name: 2,4,7,9-Tetramethyldec-5-yne-4,7-diol

Surfynol 104 & Surfynol 104E Specifications

Appearance:White waxy solid
Purity:98.0% min
Water content:1.5% max
Viscosity (25¡æ):200-1500 mPa.s
Density£º0.89 g/ml
Solubility in water:slightly soluble
Boiling point:262°C
Melting point:54-55°C
Drum:20kg or 180kg
Shelf Life48 months

Surfynol 104 & Surfynol 104E For Sale

Secure top-grade Surfynol 104 & Surfynol 104E, highly efficient surfactants enhancing product performance. Improve formulation properties and stability with these substances. Elevate your product quality and gain a competitive edge in the market today!

Why Wellt's Surfynol 104E?
Why Wellt's Surfynol 104E?
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    Why Wellt's Surfynol 104E?

  1. “Surfynol 104E offers superior surface activity, improving the wetting and spreading of your formulations.”
  2. “Its low foam properties make Surfynol 104E ideal for a wide range of applications, enhancing versatility.”
  3. “Surfynol 104E demonstrates excellent compatibility with many systems, providing seamless integration.”
  4. “With its strong defoaming capabilities, Surfynol 104E ensures consistent and efficient performance.”

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Welcome to an insightful exploration of Surfynol 104. This technical guide focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of this potent surfactant, widely recognized for its role in enhancing product performance across multiple industries. The discussion will cover the defining attributes of Surfynol 104, its classification relative to other surfactants, and its diverse applications. Furthermore, it will present practical recommendations for optimizing its use, strictly based on objective data and industry-standard practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Surfynol 104?

Q: What is the function of a surfactant in coating products?

A: Surfactants, such as Surfynol 104, alter the surface characteristics of solids and liquids. They enhance wetting, manage foam, and disperse properties in coating systems.

Q: How does Surfynol 104 contribute to enhanced product performance?

A: Surfynol 104, a multifunctional surfactant, combines dynamic wetting and molecular defoaming within waterborne coatings. It lessens water sensitivity, promotes substrate wetting, and ensures exceptional pigment dispersion.

Q: What are the advantages of using Surfynol 104 in coatings?

A: Surfynol 104 provides multiple benefits, including superior foam control, reduced water sensitivity, enhanced substrate wetting, and viscosity stabilization in waterborne coating systems.

Q: Can Surfynol 104 be used in paper coatings?

A: Yes, Surfynol 104 is commonly utilized in paper coatings thanks to its distinctive chemical structure and ability to offer excellent wetting and molecular defoaming properties.

Q: What is the role of Evonik in providing Surfynol 104?

A: Evonik supplies Surfynol 104, an active liquid gemini surfactant, making it a dependable option for various applications, such as paper coatings and waterborne systems.

Q: How does Surfynol 104 contribute to reducing hazardous air pollutants?

A: Surfynol 104, a nonionic surfactant, contributes to lower emissions of hazardous air pollutants due to its unique chemical composition and compatibility with eco-friendly coatings.

Q: What are the critical applications of Surfynol 104 in the industry?

A: Surfynol 104 is extensively used as a wetting agent, molecular defoamer, and viscosity stabilizer in the production of waterborne coatings, adhesives, and specialty chemical formulations.

Q: What benefits does Surfynol 104 offer in terms of surface tension modification?

A: Surfynol 104 significantly reduces surface tension, enabling improved spreading and adhesion of coatings on various substrates, resulting in superior product performance.

Q: Is Surfynol 104 suitable for use in coating products with silica-based additives?

A: Yes, Surfynol 104 exhibits compatibility with silica-based additives, making it a practical choice for coatings that require enhanced wetting and foam control on such substrates.

Q: How does Surfynol 104 act as a multifunctional surfactant?

A: Surfynol 104 acts as a multifunctional surfactant by offering dynamic wetting, molecular defoaming, and viscosity stabilization, making it a versatile solution for various coating formulations.

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