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ZBEC Accelerator

Discover the Best ZBEC Accelerator Manufacturers from China

Wellt is your go-to source for high-quality industrial products. We are pleased to offer Wholesaler ZBEC Accelerator directly imported from China. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we guarantee a seamless purchasing process and top-notch customer service. Our ZBEC accelerator is perfect for improving the performance of rubber products. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your business’s productivity.

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    Introducing ZBEC Accelerator from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt ZBEC

• It introduces the ZBEC Accelerator from Wellt for rubber and latex overspeed acceleration technology.
• The ZBEC Accelerator boasts a low curing active temperature, making it suitable for substituting other accelerators.
• It offers superior performance while greatly improving operating safety.
• Unlike other accelerators, the ZBEC Accelerator does not produce cancer-causing nitrosamize during rubber manufacturing.
• It serves as an excellent activator for various thiazoles, making it a versatile addition to production processes.
• The ZBEC Accelerator can be added directly to rubber or latex mixtures without needing aliphatic acid.
• With the ZBEC Accelerator, products can have optimal speed and efficiency while maintaining a high level of safety.

ZBEC Accelerator
ZBEC Accelerator
ZBEC Accelerator Structure
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    ZBEC Accelerator Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt ZBEC

CAS Number: 14726-36-4

Chemical Name:Zinc Dibenzyll Dithiocarbamate

Irgafos 168 & Antioxidant 168 Specifications

Product FormPdrPdr-oGrs
Appearance:White to light cream powderWhite to light cream granule
Melting Point Initial(℃) min.180180180
Heating Loss(%) max.
zinc content(%)10-1210.0-12.010.0-12.0
Residue on 150μm sieve(%) max.0.10.1--
Residue on 63μm sieve(%) max.0.50.5--
Oil content(%)--10-2--
Density at 20℃Kg/m31420
PACKAGING:25kg paper bag or other bags customer needed.
Shelf Life: 24 months

ZBEC Accelerator For Sale

Get ZBEC Accelerator. With the ZBEC Accelerator from Wellt, you can trust that your products will have optimal speed and efficiency while maintaining a high level of safety. Upgrade your rubber and latex production today with the advanced technology of the ZBEC Accelerator.

Why Wellt's ZBEC Accelerator
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    Why Wellt's ZBEC Accelerator

• It initiates the vulcanization process in natural and synthetic rubber by forming complex bonds.
• Exhibits excellent scorch safety to prevent premature vulcanization during high manufacturing temperatures.
• Provides a rapid vulcanization rate for increased productivity and quicker production turnaround.
• Can be used with both natural and synthetic rubber for versatile applications across product types.

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ZBEC functions by forming a complex with the sulfur and rubber polymer, which cross-links the polymer chains. This cross-linking process is what gives the rubber its elasticity and strength. Unlike other accelerators, ZBEC has excellent scorch safety and a fast vulcanization rate, making it a practical choice for rubber manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about ZBEC Accelerator

Q: What is the ZBEC accelerator?

A: ZBEC accelerator is a rubber accelerator known for its ability to provide excellent activation to various kinds of rubber. It is specially formulated to be used at low temperatures and is soluble in alcohol.

Q: What are the critical characteristics of the ZBEC accelerator?

A: The ZBEC accelerator is used as an excellent activator for rubber chemicals and is specifically designed to mitigate the risk of forming cancer-causing nitrosamines during rubber manufacturing. It is also known for being soluble in alcohol and being effective at low temperatures.

Q: What is the chemical composition of the ZBEC accelerator?

A: ZBEC accelerator is a dithiocarbamate compound with the chemical formula C10H20N2S4Zn. It is commonly used in the rubber industry as a primary or secondary accelerator.

Q: How does the ZBEC accelerator contribute to rubber manufacturing?

A: The ZBEC accelerator serves as an essential activator in rubber manufacturing, helping to enhance the curing process and improve the overall performance of rubber products.

Q: In what applications is the ZBEC accelerator commonly used?

A: ZBEC accelerator is often used in the production of rubber articles in contact with food, as it complies with BGVV XXI regulations. It is also employed in the manufacture of EPDM, IIR, and other rubber products.

A: The recommended dosage of the ZBEC accelerator varies depending on the specific application and the type of rubber being used. It is advisable to consult with a professional or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for accurate dosage information.

Q: Is the ZBEC accelerator safe for use in rubber manufacturing?

A: Yes, the ZBEC accelerator is known for its safety and compliance with stringent regulations. It does not contain any substances defined as categories 1-4 and “Sonderkategorie” by the European Union.

Q: Does the ZBEC accelerator pose any risks to health or the environment?

A: When used responsibly and in accordance with manufacturer instructions, the ZBEC accelerator is considered safe for use. However, it is always recommended to handle all chemicals with care and to seek explicit permission before implementing new substances into manufacturing processes.

Q: Why is the ZBEC accelerator an ideal choice for rubber compounding?

A: ZBEC accelerator offers the advantage of being free from cancer-causing nitrosamines, making it a preferred choice for ensuring the safety of rubber products. Its compatibility with various rubber types and its effectiveness in low-temperature environments further enhance its appeal in rubber compounding.

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