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About Us

Nanjing Wellt Chemicals Co., Ltd, based in China, is a notable manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of chemical products. The company specializes in the provision of plastic additives, rubber additives, resins, food additives, pharmaceutical chemicals, and cosmetic materials, serving a broad spectrum of industries.

Our commitment to quality is evident in its strategic alliances with leading manufacturers in China, ensuring the supply of high-grade materials to its customers.

With exclusive agreements with these manufacturers, We can offer superior products at competitive prices, guaranteeing stable supply and timely delivery.

Boasting over a decade of experience in the chemical supply chain, Nanjing Wellt Chemicals has an intimate understanding of both the supply landscape in China and the precise requirements of its international clientele.

In compliance with European regulations, Nanjing Wellt Chemicals has completed REACH registration for a majority of its strategic products, demonstrating its professional understanding of EU requirements.

The company adheres to stringent standards in its production processes. Its food additives have achieved ISO, HACCP, Kosher, and QS certification, while its pharmaceutical chemicals are produced under USP/BP/EP standards in a GMP plant.

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