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Irganox B215

Discover the Best Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215 Manufacturers from China

Wellt is here to provide you with the best antioxidant solutions on the market. Our Wholesaler Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215, straight from China, are the perfect addition to your formulations. Our products are known for their exceptional stability and effectiveness. With Wellt, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality antioxidants available.

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    Introducing Irganox B215 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellnox B215

• It introduces Irganox B215, a new polymer additive from Wellt that protects against heat and oxidation degradation.
• It works through synergistic effects between Wellnox 1010 and 168 additives at 0.1% to 0.5%.
• Suitable for use with plastics like PE, PP, PC, and ABS at recommended amounts.
• As a chemical leader, Wellt ensures this product’s reliability and efficiency through technical excellence.
• Irganox B215 can improve processing efficiency and increase product lifespan, making it a perfect solution.

Irganox B215
Irganox B215
Irganox B215 Structure
Irganox B215 Structure
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    Antioxidant B215 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox B215

CAS Number:

Wellnox 1010: 6683-19-8

Wellnox 168: 31570-04-4

Chemical Name: Mixture of Wellnox 1010 and Wellnox 168 (1:2)

Equivalent: Irganox B215

Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215 Specifications

Appearance:White powder
Transmittance (%) min425 nm:96
500 nm:98
Volatile (%) max0.5
Solubility (2g/20ml, Toluene)Limpidity
Ratio: Nurcastab 1010: Nurcastab 168:2:1(±5%)

Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215 For Sale

Discover the excellence of Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215, premium additives available for purchase. Elevate the stability and durability of your products with these dependable substances. Seize this opportunity to enhance your business and unlock its full potential!

Antioxidant B215 & Irganox B215
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    Why Wellt's Irganox B215

• It maintains the original melt flow of polymers during processing, ensuring consistent quality.
• It improves the long-term thermal stability of polymers, which is crucial for applications requiring heat resistance.
• Due to its low volatility and lasting effectiveness, it is used extensively in processing polyalphaolefins and materials like polyethylene, polyamide, polyester, and ABS resin.
• It can be used with light stabilizers to protect polymers comprehensively against thermal and photo-degradation.

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Antioxidant B215 is a complex blend of antioxidant 168 and antioxidant 1010. It exhibits excellent synergistic performance, essential for the stabilization of polymers, particularly in the manufacturing of synthetic fibers, molding materials, and other plastics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Antioxidant B215

Q: What is Antioxidant B215?

A: Antioxidant B215 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant, which is used to improve long-term thermal stability and low color formation in various substances during processing.

Q: What are the main properties of Antioxidant B215?

A: Antioxidant B215 is insoluble in water, provides long-term maintenance of original melt flow, and offers low volatility and resistance.

Q: How does Antioxidant B215 benefit the processing of materials?

A: Antioxidant B215 acts as a synergistic blend and a long-term thermal stabilizer system, enhancing the compound antioxidant to improve long-term thermal stability.

Q: What is the function of Antioxidant B215 in the maintenance of original melt flow?

A: Antioxidant B215 helps in the maintenance of the original melt flow, ensuring the quality and performance of the processed materials remain consistent over time.

Q: What are the primary applications of Antioxidant B215?

A: Antioxidant B215 is commonly used in industries where the improvement of long-term thermal stability and low color formation in materials is essential.

Q: Is Antioxidant B215 suitable for use with all types of materials?

A: Yes, Antioxidant B215 is a versatile ester antioxidant that is effective with a wide range of substances used in various processes.

Q: Can Antioxidant B215 be used as a standalone stabilizer?

A: While it can be used as a standalone stabilizer, Antioxidant B215 is often used in combination with other additives to create a comprehensive stabilizing system.

Q: Does Antioxidant B215 affect the color of the processed materials?

A: No, Antioxidant B215 is known for its low color formation properties, helping to maintain the original color of the materials during processing and storage.

Q: How does Antioxidant B215 contribute to the overall quality of processed materials?

A: Antioxidant B215 contributes to the overall quality by ensuring the long-term thermal stability and quality of the materials, giving them enhanced resistance and durability.

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