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Irganox 1010

Get High-Quality Irganox 1010 & Antioxidant 1010 from China

At Wellt, we specialize in sourcing high-quality chemical additives from China. Our team of experts will ensure that you receive the best products at competitive prices. Whether you need Irganox 1010 or Antioxidant 1010, we’ve got you covered. Trust us for all your chemical additive needs.

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    Introducing Irganox 1010 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellnox 1010

  • Wellt introduces their latest chemical product – Irganox 1010, a tetrakis[methylene-3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl-propionate)]methane with CAS NO. 6683-19-8.
  • Comparable to the highly acclaimed Irganox 1010 from BASF, Wellnox 1010 offers similar outstanding benefits and applications.
  • Suitable for use in various materials such as PE, PP, EPDM, TPE, PVC, RIM, TPU, ROM, PA, and PAT/PET.
  • Recommended usage of just 0.1%-0.5% for exceptional protection against heat and oxidation in these materials.
  • Packaging size of 20kg paper bags with a loading capacity of 12MT/20’FCL.
  • Trust Wellt’s Irganox 1010 to enhance the quality and durability of your products.
  • Contact them today for more information on how this revolutionary product can benefit your business needs.
Irganox 1010
Irganox 1010
Irganox 1010 Structure
Irganox 1010 Structure
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    Antioxidant 1010 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox 1010

CAS Number: 6683-19-8

  • CHEMICAL NAME: Tetrakis[methylene-3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl-propionate )]methane
  • Equivalent: Irganox 1010(BASF)

Irganox 1010 & Antioxidant 1010 Specifications

Appearance:White crystal or powder
Melting Point (℃):110-125
Ash (%):0.1 max
Volatilizing (%):0.5 max
Clarity of solution:Clear solution
Transmittance (%):425 nm:96 min
500 nm:98 min
Assay (%):98 min

Irganox 1010 & Antioxidant 1010 For Sale

Irganox 1010, also known as Antioxidant 1010, is a high molecular weight phenolic antioxidant available for sale. Known for its exceptional stability and low volatility, it's widely used in polymers, plastics, and elastomers. Explore its technical specifications, applications, and compliance with industry standards.

antioxidant 1010 Technical Data
antioxidant 1010 Technical Data
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    Why Wellt's antioxidant 1010

  1. Wellt’s Antioxidant 1010 offers superior thermal stability, enhancing product lifespan.
  2. It provides excellent resistance to oxidation, protecting your investments.
  3. With its high molecular weight, it ensures low volatility in various applications.
  4. Its broad compatibility makes it a versatile choice for different polymers and plastics.

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Antioxidant Irganox 1010, a hindered phenol antioxidant, is widely utilized in polymers and plastics due to its exceptional thermal stability and resistance to extraction. This guide offers an in-depth exploration of its numerous applications ranging from adhesives to automotive parts. The benefits of Irganox 1010 include enhanced longevity and performance of materials, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Irganox 1010

Q: What is Irganox 1010 and its application as an antioxidant?

A: Irganox 1010 is a potent antioxidant and thermal stabilizer extensively employed across diverse polymer materials to counter oxidative degradation. It facilitates the preservation of the physical and mechanical attributes of these materials.

Q: Could you explain the specific applications of Irganox 1010?

A: Irganox 1010 is used as a stabilizer in adhesives, sealants, and polymer materials, enhancing their thermal stability over extended periods and preventing oxidative degradation.

Q: Is Irganox 1010 used in firefighting?

A: Irganox 1010 is not suitable for firefighting. Its core function is to act as an antioxidant and heat stabilizer in polymer applications.

Q: Could you provide the technical data of Irganox 1010?

A: The technical data for Irganox 1010 encompasses details like its chemical structure, stability, compatibility, and safety and storage guidelines.

Q: What are the CAS and EC numbers for Irganox 1010?

A: The CAS and EC numbers, [insert numbers], are the unique identifiers for Irganox 1010 within the realm of chemical regulation.

Q: Are there any joint replacements for Irganox 1010?

A: Sterically hindered antioxidants are often employed as drop-in replacements for Irganox 1010, offering similar or superior thermal stability and oxidative protection.

Q: Is Irganox 1010 REACH registered?

A: Irganox 1010 is REACH registered, denoting its adherence to the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals regulations.

Q: Could you elaborate on the principal use of Irganox 1010?

A: Predominantly, Irganox 1010 is adopted as an antioxidant and thermal stabilizer in polymer materials, adhesives, and sealants, safeguarding them against oxidative degradation and ensuring performance longevity.

Q: What information does the COA for Irganox 1010 contain?

A: The COA for Irganox 1010 details its composition, purity, and other pertinent attributes, validating its quality and specification adherence.

Q: How does Irganox 1010 protect polymer materials?

A: Irganox 1010 effectively inhibits oxidation in polymer materials, ensuring the preservation of their physical and mechanical properties and guaranteeing their long-term stability and performance.

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