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Antioxidant 1024

Sourcing Antioxidant 1024 & Irganox 1024 from China

Looking for high-quality antioxidants? Wellt has got you covered. We specialize in sourcing Antioxidant 1024 and Irganox 1024 from trusted manufacturers in China. With our extensive network and expertise in the industry, we ensure that you receive the finest antioxidants for your products. Boost the stability and lifespan of your formulations today.

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    Introducing Antioxidant 1024 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellnox 1024

• Antioxidant 1024 Also known as N,N-Bis[3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenol)propionyl]Hydrazid.
• Boasts high transmittance of 97% at 425 nm and 98% at 500 nm.
• Melting point range of 224-229 ℃ and minimal volatilizing rate of only 0.05% for stability and longevity in various applications.
• Tested to have an assay of at least 99% with a maximum ash content of only 0.1%.
• A clear solution was verified through a methanol test for reliable results every time.
• Packaged in a secure and convenient 25kg fiber drum with a pallet option for bulk orders.
• Join satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of Antioxidant 1024.

Antioxidant 1024
Antioxidant 1024
Irganox 1024 Structure
Irganox 1024 Structure
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    Irganox 1024 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox 1024

CAS NO.: 32687-78-8

  • CHEMICAL NAME: N,N-Bis[3-(3.5-di-tert-butyl-4-nydroxyphenol)propionyl]Hydrazid
  • Appearance: White powder

Antioxidant 1024 & Irganox 1024 Specifications

Appearance:White powder
Transmittance (%)425 nm:97 min.
500 nm:98 min
Melting Point Initial ¡æ :224-229
Volatilizing (105¡æ, 2Hr) (%):0.05 max.
Assay (%):99 min.
Ash (%):0.1 max.
Clarity of Solution (2g in 100ml methanol)Clear
25kg fiber drum 9000kg//20¡¯FCL with pallet

Antioxidant 1024 & Irganox 1024 For Sale

Acquire Antioxidant 1024 and Irganox 1024, superior additives in the polymer industry. These technical-grade substances provide stability and longevity to your products. Gain insights into their properties, applications, and usage from our comprehensive guide. Don't miss this chance to uplift your industrial processes.

Why Wellt's Irganox 1024
Why Wellt's Irganox 1024
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    Why Wellt's Irganox 1024

  1. Wellt’s Irganox 1024 provides high thermal stability, contributing to the longevity of your products.
  2. It is a versatile additive, compatible with a wide range of polymers, enhancing their properties.
  3. This product offers excellent resistance to oxidation, protecting materials from degradation.
  4. Wellt’s Irganox 1024 is competitively priced, offering superior quality at an affordable cost.

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Unveil the indispensable Irganox 1024 antioxidant, a metal deactivator extensively used in wire and cable applications. This guide offers a comprehensive understanding of its properties, benefits, and practical uses. Learn how this primary phenolic antioxidant contributes to the stability and longevity of products, ensuring optimal performance in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Antioxidant 1024

Q: What is Irganox 1024 antioxidant?

A: An exclusive product of BASF, Irganox 1024 antioxidant, also known as irganox® md 1024, functions as a primary antioxidant and metal deactivator. Its utility extends to wire, cable, and various plastic applications.

Q: What are the primary uses of Irganox 1024 antioxidants?

A: Irganox 1024 antioxidant stabilizes polymers in contact with copper and is frequently employed in telecommunication wire and cable applications, providing extraction resistance and processing stabilization for prolonged service.

Q: What are the critical features of Irganox 1024 antioxidants?

A: Irganox 1024 antioxidant is effective in filled polyolefins and NBR, widely used in cable resins and applied to polyethylene, rubber, SBR, and other cable and wire systems.

Q: Are there any specific industries or applications where Irganox 1024 antioxidant is intended for use?

A: FDA-regulated systems, cable resins, and telecommunication wire and cable applications are among the primary domains where Irganox 1024 antioxidant is used.

Q: How does Irganox 1024 antioxidant compare to Irganox 1010?

A: Compared to Irganox 1010, Irganox 1024 antioxidant offers more comprehensive stabilization for various polymers, especially where long-term service is needed.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using Irganox 1024 antioxidants in plastic applications?

A: Irganox 1024 antioxidant provides metal deactivation, extraction resistance, processing stabilization, and extended service life in cable and wire systems.

Q: Are there any safety or regulatory considerations associated with the use of Irganox 1024 antioxidants?

A: Irganox 1024 antioxidant complies with TSCA regulations. However, it’s crucial to follow all safety and regulatory guidelines when handling this product.

Q: What are the critical ingredients in Irganox 1024 antioxidants?

A: Phenolic antioxidants for telecommunication wire and cable applications and azaleas, which stabilize various polymer systems, are the key ingredients in Irganox 1024 antioxidants.

Q: How does the Irganox 1024 antioxidant contribute to the stabilization of cable resins?

A: Through extraction resistance and processing stabilization, Irganox 1024 antioxidant ensures the stability of cable resins, especially in long-term service applications.

Q: In what ways does Irganox 1024 antioxidant support the effectiveness of rubber and SBR materials?

A: By offering metal deactivation and primary antioxidant properties, Irganox 1024 antioxidant enhances the effectiveness of rubber and SBR materials, especially those in contact with copper and requiring long-term service.

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