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Tinuvin P

Get High-Quality Tinuvin P & UV P from China's Top Supplier!

Attention manufacturers and exporters! Wellt is your go-to source for premium-quality Tinuvin P & UV P from China. We understand the importance of reliable materials in your production process, which is why we have partnered with the leading manufacturers in China to provide you with top-notch products. Our Tinuvin P & UV P are meticulously sourced and tested for quality assurance, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

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    Introducing Tinuvin P from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellsorb UV P

  • Tinuvin P is a hindered amine light stabilizer that provides superior UV protection for plastic surfaces with its chemical name of 2-(2’-hydroxy-5’-methyl phenyl) benzotriazole.
  • With a recommended dosage of just 0.2-0.5%, it offers exceptional stability, preventing unwanted luster, pulverization, and yellowing.
  • Being ideal for products exposed to sunlight or UV radiation, it is available in convenient 25KG packaging for easy incorporation into production processes.
  • Wellt provides high-quality products like Tinuvin P that meet and exceed industry standards for plastic materials protection.
Tinuvin P
Tinuvin P
UV P Structure
UV P Structure
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    UV P Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellnox UV P

CAS NO.: 2440-22-4

CHEMICAL NAME: 2-(2’-hydroxy-5’-methyl phenyl) benzotriazole

Tinuvin P & UV P Specifications

Appearance:White powder or crystalline
Melting point (¡æ):128-133
Ash (%):0.1 max.
Loss On Drying:0.5 max.
Purity:99 min
Light transmittance (%)440 nm:95 min.
500 nm:97 min.

Tinuvin P & UV P For Sale

Introducing Tinuvin P & UV P, superior quality UV absorbers in the market. With these additives, enhance the durability and performance of your products by preventing UV-induced degradation. This is a golden opportunity to boost your business's product quality and longevity. These reliable substances are essential for maintaining the integrity of various materials under UV exposure.

Why Wellt's UV P?
Why Wellt's UV P?
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    Why Wellt's UV P?

  1. “Wellt’s UV P offers superior protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation, safeguarding your products.”
  2. “It is formulated with advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of materials.”
  3. “With Wellt’s UV P, you get a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces maintenance needs.”
  4. “Its versatile application makes it an ideal choice for various industries, from plastics to coatings.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about UV P

Q: What is Wellt's product Tinuvin P?

Tinuvin P from Wellt is a UV absorber utilized as a light stabilizer for various polymers, offering adequate protection against ultraviolet radiation and ensuring lightweight stability.

Q: How does Tinuvin P contribute to the stability of polymers?

Tinuvin P, falling under the hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole category, provides broad-spectrum light stability to numerous polymers, including styrene, polyester, acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy.

Q: What are the critical features of Tinuvin P?

Tinuvin P delivers a high degree of light stabilization, making it a potent additive for maintaining durability and stability in polymers exposed to UV radiation.

Q: How is Tinuvin P applied in polymer applications?

Tinuvin P is deployed at specific levels to satisfy the light stability requirement of polymers and is often used in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) for optimal results.

Q: What are the benefits of integrating Tinuvin P in polymer formulations?

Incorporating Tinuvin P into polymer formulations boosts the overall light stability and offers long-term protection from UV radiation damage, thereby increasing the lifetime of the polymer products.

Q: How does Tinuvin P enhance the performance of polymers?

Tinuvin P bolsters the light stability and weathering performance of polymers, ensuring their structural and aesthetic integrity over prolonged periods of exposure to outdoor conditions.

Q: Can Tinuvin P be utilized in various polymer-based applications?

Indeed, Tinuvin P is compatible with a diverse array of polymers, including styrene, polyester, acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy, making it applicable for a wide variety of uses, from automotive parts to outdoor furniture.

Q: What is the chemical composition of Tinuvin P?

Tinuvin P is a hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole compound developed to absorb UV light efficiently and stabilize polymers, displaying its chemical efficiency in enhancing polymer functionality.

Q: How can I procure Tinuvin P for testing and evaluation?

To instantly access Tinuvin P for sample testing and evaluation, you can get in touch with authorized Wellt distributors or contact Wellt directly for procurement and technical support.

Q: Are there specific safety considerations for handling Tinuvin P?

While Tinuvin P is generally safe to handle following recommended guidelines, it is crucial to consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) and adhere to appropriate safety measures for secure industrial and laboratory handling and usage.

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