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UV 531

Import High-Quality UV 531 & Chimassorb 81 from China!

Wellt is your trusted partner in sourcing and importing high-quality chemicals from China. UV 531 and Chimassorb 81 are widely used in various industries, including plastics, coatings, and textiles, for their exceptional UV stability and protection properties. Our team of experts ensures strict quality control and on-time delivery, providing you with peace of mind.

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    Introducing UV 531 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellsorb UV 531

  • Wellt introduces Benzophenone-3, a new light stabilizer for polymers
  • Also known as 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone and effective in 240-340 nm wavelength range
  • Light color and nontoxic properties make it compatible and easy to process
  • Maximizes polymer protection, reduces color, delays yellowing, preserves physical function
  • Works well with PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC organic glass, polypropylene fiber, ethylene-vinyl acetate
  • Excellent light stability when used with drying phenol aldehyde at the recommended dosage of 0.3-0.5%
  • Packaged in 25kg net cardboard drums for convenient handling and storage
  • Trust Wellt’s Benzophenone-3 for superior UV protection for polymer
UV 531
UV 531
UV 531 Structure
UV 531 Structure
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    UV 531 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellsorb UV 531

CAS NO.: 1843-05-6

CHEMICAL NAME: 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone

UV 531 & Chimassorb 81 Specifications

Appearance:Yellowish powder
Melting point (¡æ):47-49
Ash (%):0.1 max
Purity (%):99 min
Light Transmittance:450nm90 min
500nm95 min

UV 531 & Chimassorb 81 For Sale

Secure UV 531 and Chimassorb 81, superior UV absorbers available for purchase. Utilize these dependable substances to improve the durability and resistance of your products against harmful UV radiation. Take advantage of this chance to advance your business operations!

Why Wellt's UV 531?
Why Wellt's UV 531?
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    Why Wellt's UV 531?

  1. “Wellt’s UV 531 provides superior protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation.”
  2. “Its stability under high temperatures makes it ideal for various industrial applications.”
  3. “It enhances the longevity and durability of products, ensuring cost-effectiveness.”
  4. “With Wellt’s UV 531, you get a reliable product backed by extensive scientific research.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about UV-531 absorber

Q: What exactly is a UV-531 absorber?

UV-531 absorber, or benzophenone, is a specific light stabilizer. It absorbs ultraviolet light effectively, enhancing lightweight stability in various materials like PVC, polyester, acrylic, and other resins. By doing so, it boosts resistance to UV degradation.

Q: Can you provide the CAS number for the UV-531 absorber?

The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) assigned the number 1843-05-6 to the UV-531 absorber. This categorization allows for its unique identification across various applications and chemical processes.

Q: What identifies the UV-531 absorber?

UV-531 absorber is characterized by its excellent light stability effect, compatibility, low migration level, and superior UV degradation resistance. It also stabilizes the color of light and is adaptable to many applications.

Q: How is the UV-531 absorber supplied?

UV-531 absorber is typically available either as a powder or a pre-packaged product in multiple quantities, catering to a wide range of manufacturing and industrial needs. It can be provided in bulk or specific quantities as per customer requirements.

Q: Which materials can UV-531 absorber be used in?

Materials like PVC, polyester, acrylic, and other resins can benefit from UV-531 absorbers. It improves UV stability, shielding them from UV-caused degradation and helping to maintain their quality over time.

Q: What are the primary applications of UV-531 absorbers?

UV-531 absorber is extensively used in the production of materials, such as plastics, coatings, and adhesives, that are vulnerable to UV degradation. It helps increase their light stability and overall performance in various settings.

Q: Can the UV-531 absorber be mixed with other light stabilizers?

Yes, the UV-531 absorber can be combined effectively with hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to achieve a synergistic effect and provide comprehensive UV protection. This improves the overall UV resistance and material performance.

Q: Is UV-531 absorber safe for consumer products?

UV-531 absorber is generally deemed non-toxic and safe for use in consumer products when used appropriately. It aligns with regulatory standards and is fitting for a variety of applications in everyday item manufacturing.

Q: What are the storage guidelines for the UV-531 absorber?

UV-531 absorber should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It should remain in its original packaging and be handled carefully to prevent contamination and ensure its optimal performance.

Q: Who are the major suppliers of UV-531 absorbers?

Several manufacturers and chemical suppliers specializing in UV and light stabilizers supply UV-531. They offer UV-531 in different package sizes and provide technical support to assist customers with its proper use.

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