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struktol A60

High-Quality Struktol A60 and Aktiplast T Manufacturers from China

Wellt is the trusted source for high-quality Struktol A60 and Aktiplast T. With years of experience and advanced manufacturing processes, we exceed expectations and deliver top-notch products. Choose the best – choose Wellt. Contact us today to learn more.

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    Introducing struktol A60 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt 600T

  • Irgafos 168 from Wellt offers superior antioxidant protection for plastic products.
  • It synergizes well with other Wellt antioxidants like Wellnox 1010 and 1076.
  • Suitable for food contact plastics, ensuring safety across industries.
  • Each 25kg package comes in a convenient paper bag for easy storage and transport.
  • 13.5MT per shipping container guarantees a steady supply.
  • Choosing irgafos 168 from Wellt provides reliable antioxidant protection for all plastics.
  • Wellt can be trusted as a source of quality plastic additives.
struktol A60
struktol A60
struktol A60 Technical Data
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    struktol A60 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt 600T


Ultra blend 4000; 40MSF; Rhenosin 145; Homogenisator 501;TNB88

struktol A60 & Aktiplast T Specifications

Appearance:Black pastilles
Ash Content (%) max.0.5
Softening point(℃) 95-105
Density(g/cm3) 1.0-1.2
Storage StabilityAt least 2 years under normal conditions
3 to 15 phr
25 kg paper bag with PE Inlay

struktol A60 & Aktiplast T For Sale

Get struktol A60 and Aktiplast T for sale! These top-notch products elevate performance in various applications. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your projects. Contact us now to learn more!

Welcome to Our struktol A60 Factory!

Why Wellt's struktol A60
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    Why Wellt's struktol A60

    Our product brand: Wellt 600T

  • It improves the mixing process, resulting in a more uniform rubber mixture.
  • Remains integrated within the rubber throughout processing.
  • Allows for reduction in dosages of other additives, providing cost savings.
  • Facilitates faster peptization of natural rubber enhancing efficiency.
  • Assists in rapid incorporation of fillers for improved product performance.

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Aktiplast® T, manufactured by Rhein Chemie, is a processing promoter for the rubber and tire industry. It enhances rubber compound processing, improves flow properties, and reduces scorching during curing. Widely used in China's growing tire industry to meet quality and productivity demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about struktol A60

Q: What is Aktiplast T and how it is frequently used in China?

A: Aktiplast T is a global processing promoter for synthetic rubber, widely used within the rubber industry in China. It significantly reduces the mixing time, improves the flow characteristics of the uncured compound, and activates the zinc content in solid rubber, which is essential to its properties.

Q: How does Aktiplast® influence the rubber processing data in China?

A: Aktiplast® significantly improves the processing data of rubber refining in China. It reduces the mixing time, prolongs the scorch time and even enhances the flow characteristics of the uncured compound. This leads to an effective and efficient rubber processing practice.

Q: Is there a significant supplier of Aktiplast T within China?

A: Yes, Aktiplast T and its derivatives are supplied by several companies within China. The substantial industrial demand for Aktiplast T has led to an increasing supply chain over recent years.

Q: How can one search for a reputable Aktiplast® supplier in China?

A: To identify a reliable Aktiplast® supplier in China one can utilize various digital platform directories, trade shows, as well as recommendations from industry experts.or choose wellt

Q: How has the usage of Aktiplast T impacted the data of rubber production in China?

A: Aktiplast T has significantly contributed to improved rubber production data in China. Its ability to reduce mixing times and improve flow characteristics of the uncured compound has enhanced production efficiency, thereby increasing the overall productivity within the rubber industry.

Q: How well does Aktiplast® serve as a processing promoter for synthetic rubber in China?

A: Aktiplast® serves extremely well as a processing promoter for synthetic rubber in China. It has proven to effectively reduce mixing times and improve the flow characteristics of rubber, making it a preferred choice for rubber producers.

Q: What is the impact of Aktiplast T on the zinc content of rubber goods produced in China?

A: Aktiplast T has the ability to activate the zinc content in rubber, thus benefiting the properties of the rubber goods produced. It is a vital component in the manufacturing process of several rubber products in China.

Q: How is Aktiplast® imported into China?

A: Aktiplast® is usually imported into China by a network of suppliers who receive it from locations such as Deutschland, where it is primarily produced. Import regulations and protocols are followed to ensure its safe and legal entry into China.

Q: What effect does Aktiplast T have on rubber-to-metal bonding in China's rubber industry?

A: Contrary to assumptions, Aktiplast T does not have an adverse effect on rubber-to-metal bonding—a critical factor in the manufacturing of reinforced rubber products. Its effect is in fact beneficial, making it widely used in several applications within China’s rubber industry.

Q: Does Aktiplast® have any specific uses for expanded rubber articles in China?

A: Yes, Aktiplast® is widely used for enhancing the qualities of expanded rubber articles in China. Through its capability to improve the flow characteristics of the uncured compound, it aids in the manufacture of high-quality expanded rubber articles.

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