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Find High-Quality AMP-95 from China at Wellt

Are you looking for a reliable source of AMP-95? Look no further than Wellt. As a trusted supplier of chemicals, we offer high-quality AMP-95 sourced directly from China. With our technical expertise and strict quality control measures, you can be confident in the purity and efficacy of our products. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or industrial industry, our AMP-95 is the perfect choice for your needs.

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    Introducing AMP-95 from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt AMP-95

  • The new Wellt AMP-95 product, a versatile additive for coatings, paints, pigment dispersion, pH adjustment, and rust prevention, is introduced.
  • It serves as an effective vulcanization accelerator and acid gas absorber for various industrial applications.
  • Wellt AMP-95 is available in 25kg or 200kg drums, suitable for both small and large-scale use due to its precise technical composition.
  • Professionals trust Wellt to provide high-quality chemicals like AMP-95, which is essential for business success.
AMP-95 Structure
AMP-95 Structure
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    AMP-95 Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt AMP-95

CAS.NO.: 124-68-5

Chemical Name: 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol

AMP-95 Specifications

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Melting point:24-28℃
Water content:6% max
Viscosity (25℃):106.55m Pas
Drum:25kg or 200kg

AMP-95 For Sale

Take advantage of our top-tier AMP-95, a versatile additive improving paint formulations. Its multifunctional properties enhance coating performance and stability. Investing in AMP-95 represents a strategic move for your product line, ensuring high-quality results. Don't let this opportunity pass - secure your supply of AMP-95 today!

Why Wellt's AMP-95?
Why Wellt's AMP-95?
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    Why Wellt's AMP-95?

  1. “Wellt’s AMP-95 offers superior performance, enhancing paint properties and overall product quality.”
  2. “With Wellt’s AMP-95, achieve optimal coating results due to its multifunctional additive characteristics.”
  3. “Improve the stability of your formulations with Wellt’s AMP-95, a reliable choice for long-term results.”
  4. “Choosing Wellt’s AMP-95 signifies a strategic investment in high-quality additives, boosting business growth.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about AMP-95?

Q: What is AMP-95?

A: AMP-95, or 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol, is a versatile additive provided by Angus Chemical Company. This efficient amino alcohol additive excels in various applications across numerous industries.

Q: What are the key properties of AMP-95?

A: Key properties of AMP-95 include superb thermal and UV stability, resistance to yellowing, and enhanced pigment dispersion. It’s used in architecture, ink, resin, and colorant applications.

Q: How does AMP-95 benefit the additive industry?

A: AMP-95 enhances product performance, reduces reaction stages, and lowers synthesis costs in the additive industry. Its low viscosity and water compatibility make it a valuable additive in various formulations.

Q: What are the specific applications of AMP-95?

A: AMP-95 finds extensive use in the architectural, ink, resin, and colorant sectors. Due to its excellent performance and compatibility, it’s also used in the metalworking fluids market.

Q: What is the significance of AMP-95's acquisition by UL?

A: UL’s acquisition of AMP-95 ensures continued compliance with high-quality and safety standards, increasing the product’s market credibility.

Q: How does AMP-95 contribute to environmental sustainability?

A: AMP-95 is exempt from VOC regulations and contributes to sustainability due to enhanced pigment dispersion, thereby reducing formulations’ environmental impact.

Q: What information does the official website of Angus Chemical Company provide about AMP-95?

A: The website provides product specifications, performance data, and safety information for AMP-95. It also includes links to relevant resources and third-party sites under the company’s control.

Q: What should be considered when using AMP-95 in formulations?

A: When using AMP-95, consider its compatibility with other ingredients, low viscosity, and neutralization requirements for optimal performance and stability of the final product.

Q: How does AMP-95 contribute to cost-effectiveness in formulations?

A: AMP-95 reduces synthesis costs, shortens reaction stages, and improves performance, making it a cost-effective additive across various industries.

Q: What are the distinct features of AMP-95 in terms of product performance?

A: AMP-95’s distinct features include enhanced pigment dispersion, exceptional thermal and UV stability, and high resistance to yellowing. This leads to excellent performance and value in a wide range of applications and products.

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