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struktol 40ms

Quality Struktol 40ms and Rhenosin 145 Manufacturers from China

Wellt is the leading manufacturer of high-performance products like Struktol 40ms and Rhenosin 145 in China. With state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control, we provide reliable and top-quality products. Contact us today to learn more and place your order.

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    Introducing struktol 40ms from Wellt

    Our product brand: Wellt 4000

• Introducing struktol 40ms from Wellt, a groundbreaking product designed to enhance polymer blends.
• Developed in collaboration with Rhenosin 145, this solution is perfect for achieving high homogeneity in blends.
• With struktol 40ms, achieve optimal wetting and improve blends with varying polarities or viscosities.
• It offers fast absorption into the polymer matrix and is most effective when added at the beginning of mixing cycle.
• Exhibits excellent results in increasing green tack and displaying synergistic effects with tackifying resins.
• Trust Wellt’s expertise and technology for superior performance in polymer blending.
• Experience the benefits of struktol 40ms today.

struktol 40ms
struktol 40ms
struktol 40ms Technical Data
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    struktol 40ms Technical Data

    Our product brand: Wellt 4000

Discover our corresponding trademarks: Ultra blend 4000, a high-performance blend. 40MSF, setting new industry standards. Rhenosin 145, a versatile premium solution. Homogenisator 501, ensuring optimal mixing. And TNB88, a revolutionary product delivering unparalleled performance.

struktol 40ms Specifications

Appearance:Black pastilles
Ash Content (%) max.0.5
Softening point(℃) 95-105
Density(g/cm3) 1.0-1.2
Storage StabilityAt least 2 years under normal conditions
3 to 15 phr
25 kg paper bag with PE Inlay

struktol 40ms & Rhenosin 145 For Sale

Struktol 40ms and Rhenosin 145: exceptional quality and performance for sale. Enhance operations or projects with these reliable and effective products! Industrial or personal use, seize the opportunity now!

struktol 40ms Technical Data
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    Why Wellt's struktol 40ms

    Our product brand: Wellt 4000

  • It improves the homogeneity of different polymers and elastomers, leading to more consistent material quality.
  • Struktol 40 MS increases the initial stickiness or “green tack” of many rubber compounds.
  • It starts being effective at lower compounding temperatures, allowing for more energy-efficient processing.
  • Versatile applications include modifying polypropylene viscosity, acting as a coupling agent, and using in tire plants as a plasticizer.
  • Wellt Chemicals, the manufacturer, ensures high product quality and reliability through strict quality control and modern facilities.

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Rhenosin 145 is a specialized polymerizing agent used in various industrial applications. It enhances material durability in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and automotive. With high reactivity, excellent bonding strength, and dependable thermo-stability, it is preferred for its exceptional performance. This section provides a concise overview of the properties, applications, and handling recommendations of this indispensable industrial chemical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about struktol 40ms

Q: What is Rhenosin 145 and how do I see its properties?

A: Rhenosin 145 is a polymerizing agent widely used in various industrial applications. Its properties can be easily accessed online, for instance, on platforms such as matweb. The matweb logo is typically the mark to look for when seeking material property data.

Q: Why is Rhenosin 145 preferably used in dark compounds?

A: Rhenosin 145 is preferably used in dark compounds owing to its color. This makes it ideal for use in applications that require darker aesthetics or where the color of the polymerizing agent can affect the final product color.

Q: Can I use Rhenosin 145 with light-colored compounds?

A: While Rhenosin 145 is normally used with dark compounds due to its color, it can also work with light-colored compounds. However, there might be a slight discoloration in the final product.

Q: For what other reasons is Rhenosin 145 preferably used?

A: Rhenosin 145 is not only preferred due to its ability to work well with dark compounds but also because of its effective polymerizing properties. It is known to enhance the properties of the compounds it’s used with, thereby improving the final product’s quality.

Q: Can Rhenosin 145 material data be reproduced electronically?

A: Yes, material data related to Rhenosin 145 can be reproduced electronically. However, it should be noted that this is usually for non-commercial use and proper referencing to the original source should be maintained.

Q: Is the use of Rhenosin 145 limited to specific industries only?

A: No. Rhenosin 145 is a versatile polymerizing agent applicable across various industries. What makes it preferable is its polymerizing properties and the fact that it effectively works in dark compounds.

Q: What companies provide Rhenosin 145?

A: Many chemical companies supply Rhenosin 145. One renowned supplier is the wellt, known for their high-quality polymerizing agents, including Rhenosin 145.

Q: Can I access Rhenosin 145 data for academic use?

A: Yes, Rhenosin 145 data can be accessed for academic and non-commercial use. It is crucial, however, to acknowledge your sources when using this data in an academic context.

Q: How can I verify the authenticity of Rhenosin 145 I have purchased?

A: You can verify the authenticity of your Rhenosin 145 through checking the supplier’s documentation and certificates. Additionally, reputable suppliers often have logos or specific marks like the matweb logo for credibility.

Q: What happens if Rhenosin 145 is used with light-colored compounds?

A: While it’s not common practice, using Rhenosin 145 with light-colored compounds may result in slight discoloration considering its own color. Therefore, it is often preferably used in dark compounds.

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